Moisturizing Anti-Crack Skin Essential Oils Sock/Sleeve

Moisturizing Anti-Crack Skin Essential Oils Sock/Sleeve

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Essential Moisturizing Protection

Looking to relieve dry, cracked heels that are rough and painful? You need gel heel sleeves from Heel Me; a truly moisturizing heal sock with spa-like support.  

Item Features

When it comes to healing, repairing and protecting your heels from dryness and irritation, lotions and balms alone don’t always provide the comfort you need. That’s why we created these versatile Heel Me Sock/Sleeve that provide cracked heel treatment and moisturizing relief for even the roughest, driest skin.
Crafted with a premium cotton blend, our Heel Me Sock/Sleeve provide soothing healing that’s soft, flexible, and offers premium compression. When paired with your favorite skin cream, moisturizer or serum, you’ll finally achieve a soft heels that feel and look amazing.

  • GOOD-BYE DRY HEELS - Moisturize, heal and repair your dry, cracked heels while you sleep with ZenToes Moisturizing Gel Spa Socks. Our open toe design and cotton material are comfortable to sleep in, while our hydrating gel softens your heels for a spa like treatment every night of the week. Or use while giving yourself a pedicure to heal your heels like a pro.
  • WAKE UP TO SMOOTHER, SOFTER SKIN - These gel foot sleeves will soften your skin on their own, but work best when combined with your favorite aloe or lotion. There is no simpler way to achieve healthy, soft heels than with our overnight socks - Simply apply your favorite skin softening lotion to your heels, pull on our gel moisture socks, and enjoy a peaceful slumber.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Our heel treatment sleeves are designed to fit most sizes of feet for both men and women. Four socks (2 Pairs) in every package. With their toeless design they can also be used as flip flop socks during those hot summer 

Brand Name: Anti-crack Heel Pain Relief
Type: Vented Massage Gel foot Heel pain relief
Ingredient:  Jojoba Grapeseed oil Rose Essence Oil Olive Oil
Use: Heal Cracked Skin Protection
Model Number: Foot Care Sock



Change the way your feet feel throughout the day with compression socks.

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